Technology is Making Recycling Easier

Have you ever wondered if an item is able to be recycled in your area? Just because a product says it’s recyclable doesn’t necessarily mean it’s accepted by your local recycling program. That’s where QR codes come in.
A new program from Recycle Check is working with manufactures by adding hyperlocal recycling instructions to packaging via QR codes. This means that consumers can simply scan the QR code, enter their ZIP code, and see if the item is recyclable in their area.
This is a great step forward for recycling, as it will help to reduce confusion and contamination, making it easier for people to recycle more.
Right now, the program is focused on consumer package goods, but we can see a future use where this can apply to electronics to increase e-waste recycling.
What do you think about this new program and its potential use with technology products?
Read “QR codes are about to make recycling easier based on your ZIP code” from Axios.