Strategic Consulting & Advisory Services

ITAD & Reverse Logistics

From IT component manufacturing down to the enterprise and consumer, Circular Integrity can provide a variety of services to help mitigate your environmental compliance & data security risks, reduce costs, increase value recovery, and optimize your reporting. Circular Integrity can help assist companies in adjacent spaces such as financial services, management consulting, and private equity with a variety of services to ensure your clients, investments, and strategies are well supported.

General Consulting

Whether you are an ITAD expert or just starting to learn what ITAD even stands for, Circular Integrity can help. We provide ongoing or project-based work depending on your needs and goals. With over 20 years of practical expertise across nearly every segment of IT and general electronics, our strategic advisory and consulting services ensure your business leaves nothing on the table.

Business Development

From IT supply chain participants looking to build or kick off their ITAD or Reverse Logistics solutions, Circular Integrity can help elevate your strategy and build your brand to go and win more customers. Our expert advisory can also help you get a larger share of your customers spend, attract and retain the best talent, and guide your investment in customer acquisition and retention methods.

Partnership Development

No company can be the best provider of every type of ITAD + Reverse Logistics service you likely need, regardless of your position in the IT supply chain. With the global network and experience of Circular Integrity, we can help our clients find solutions around the globe that deliver best in class solutions to our clients, while simultaneously reducing cost and complexity.

Solution Design

Delivering a concise solution for a customer in the ITAD & Reverse Logistics industry is rarely “standard” from our experience. Each participant in the IT supply chain has varying needs, requirements, geographies, goals, product mix, etc. The challenge is finding an optimized solution through one or more parties to help you achieve your goals, regardless of the complexity. We are here to help!

Systems & Applications

Applications required in the ITAD & Reverse Logistics industries vary across all segments but typically include forms of WMS, ERP, CRM, and ITAM modules to name a few. These typically require a level of complexity and communication protocols for each participant in the equation to achieve maximum benefit. Our expertise in these arrangements can help you avoid pitfalls and speed up implementations and reduce cost & complexity.

Operations & Engineering

Circular Integrity’s 20+ years of experience in the ITAD & Reverse Logistics sector can provide tremendous value to your business or business partners and vendors. From the design and layout of the operations, to the physical security protocols, network and facility location(s) optimization, labor management, peak and off-peak strategies, we provide the opportunity to learn from the best to save you time & money.

Logistics Solutions

Logistics in the ITAD & Reverse Logistics sector have a variety of flavors and options. Depending on the need of you or your customers, solutions range from a simple move of a pallet or box of pre-packed equipment from point A to B, to onsite white glove, secure hardened cases, GPS tracked pallets, the list goes on. If you are a global enterprise or a business who serves global clients, Circular Integrity can help you design the ideal solution based on the specific use case around the world.

Value Recovery

Whether you’re an OEM needing to liquidate products, a large Corporate Enterprise emptying out a data center, a large VAR with aging inventory, or a retailer with high volumes of electronic device returns every day, it is critical to focus on product resale channels and activities, globally. Most companies overlook or don’t realize that this is where the largest potential offset of costs can come from, and where most ITAD & Reverse Logistics companies make their profits.

Compliance & Reporting

Compliance & Reporting are perhaps one of the most under-scrutinized component of the reverse IT supply chain. The focus on ESG and Circularity is at an all time high, the right certifications, insurance coverages, downstream materials tracking, Business Intelligence, device audit reports, secured chain of custody, and vendor facility inspections can be overwhelming for any participant in the reverse IT supply chain, Circular Integrity can help with all of it!

Cost & Pricing Optimization

To optimize financial benefits of your business or practice, companies need to truly understand their costs of the activities performed for or by them. Whether you’re an ITAD provider delivering services to an end-user, or a large corporate customer leveraging an ITAD provider, it’s critical to ensure you design the optimal solutions for what you really need to help both parties deliver a solution in the most cost-effective manner in a scenario in which both parties WIN.

Depot & Repair Services

Value Recovery is perhaps the most significant driver in both ITAD & Reverse Logistics services. Each participant in the IT supply chain will never fully optimize their recovery values and benefit from device lifecycle extension without a depot & repair services capability. Managing this process takes deep understanding and experience for success, Circular Integrity can help accelerate the learning curve for any organization in the IT supply chain to ensure velocity and measurable ROI.

Work from Home Solutions

As our lives at work have changed since onset of the COVID pandemic, many companies moved to a significant work from home model. This created an immense need for IT service providers to offer solutions to manage devices for their clients’ remote employees. Circular Integrity’s deep expertise in this area can help IT service providers and corporate clients alike design optimal solutions to maximize remote employee productivity while reducing downtime and cost of support.

RFP Management

Each participant in the IT supply chain will have different needs when it comes to sourcing vendors and partners to optimize your business relative to ITAD or Reverse Logistics. Whether an RFP is needed for your organization, or you need help with responding to an RFP, Circular Integrity’s decades worth of RFP development, response, management, and vetting ensures you have all the critical components of the solution design, key vendors & partners, and of course pricing.

Talent Acquisition

Circular Integrity has developed a vast network of partners and relationships in the ITAD & Reverse Logistics industries over the past 20 years. Finding the right talent for the right position is critically important, so whether an organization is looking for a specific functional role in the industry from scratch, or there is a need to vet specific candidates we can provide the necessary assessment to ensure you attract, hire, and retain the absolute best people.

M&A Advisory

Clients looking to perform M&A activity, whether buying or selling a company, can benefit from Circular Integrity’s 20+ years of experience in the ITAD & Reverse Logistics space. Whether an organization is new to ITAD & Reverse Logistics or has deep expertise and history, we believe our experience in both sectors will not only provide enhance value & protection in your process but assist in uncovering challenges not easily identified by even the most seasoned professionals.

Device as a Service (DaaS)

Device as a Service, or “DaaS” as many call it, has been discussed and attempted in the IT industry for close to a decade now, with little to no real adoption or traction to develop a desired outcome that works for all – and for good reason. There is no vanilla or “cookie-cutter” approach or way to commoditize DaaS when it comes to corporate and enterprise clients. Circular Integrity can help each participant in the IT supply chain develop a program that fits the needs of the enterprise or the IT OEM/Distributor/Reseller looking to deploy one.