IT Supply Chain Participants

From the Start to Finish

Every participant in the IT supply chain can benefit from either starting or optimizing their strategies when it comes to ITAD & Reverse Logistics solutions. Each participant typically has specific needs and unique abilities to benefit from, but without the full understanding of each possibility of how and where to align their strategies across a multitude of opportunities, most organizations never achieve full optimization. Circular Integrity is here to help!

Parts & Components Manufacturing

From the end becomes a new beginning, more and more parts & components manufacturers are supplying the Original Device & Contract Manufacturers (ODM’s) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) with the necessary parts and components to build IT devices are searching for green and recycled materials to up their game in sustainability and practice. Circular Integrity can help assist in finding key sources for the materials within our partner ecosystem.

Contract Manufacturers

The landscape and business models for Contract Manufacturers, also called “Original Device Manufacturers” or “ODMs”, is evolving rapidly. As a key origination point of most electronics and IT products, the ODM has a heighted sense of responsibility to provide their clients with a method to produce more ecofriendly products, but also provide the vehicles and mechanisms necessary for their customers to properly recycle and repurpose devices they create.

Original Equipment Manufacturers

The need for an ITAD or Reverse Logistic solution for an OEM has been in place for many years, with some large OEMs going all-in with robust and mature practices, while some lag behind only doing what’s required or necessary. Times are changing from a legislative perspective, but also a social perspective. Companies are being held accountable by not only the public, but also by their customers, partners, vendors, employees, and also the financial markets.


Distributors have a unique opportunity to benefit from both ITAD and Reverse Logistics services in the IT supply chain given the ecosystem of both the products they buy and sell, as well as the Resellers, Systems Integrators, Managed Service Providers, and Retail/eTail customers – all of which have clients in need of an optimized environmental friendly, secure, and sustainable program.

Value Added Resellers (VARs), IT Resellers, MSP’s, and Systems Integrators

As a leading product and service delivery vehicle for IT and electronics to businesses and consumers, VARs, MSPs, SI’s, and Electronics Retailers have perhaps the largest potential benefit of offering ITAD and Reverse Logistics solutions to their clients and partners. If you are not offering ITAD or Reverse Logistics solutions to your clients today you are missing a tremendous opportunity for ESG benefits, additional revenue streams, profitability, and a much-needed service for your clients who already trust you.

ITAD Providers

With over 20 years in the ITAD space, having built ITAD companies from the start-up phase up and to a leading global provider, Circular Integrity can help ITAD businesses of all sizes and types find ways to operate more efficiently, expand key partnerships, design near and long term strategies, develop a stronger brand and market presence, the list goes on – we’ve done it all and we are here to help!

eWaste Specialists

In the world of businesses operating in and solely focused on eWaste material processing, it’s key to establish partnerships for sourcing the right types and volumes of materials, and at the right time. Circular Integrity can help expand your channels, connect you with the right sources for materials, and ensure you have the right strategy and partnerships in place to achieve your goals.

Logistics Providers

Logistics in the ITAD and Reverse Logistics space tend to be much more complex than most new entrants understand or appreciate. These services can often be viewed as commoditized and even low value, when the absolute opposite applies. Chain of custody, tracking, reporting, optimization, SLA’s, geographic coverage, custom solutions, systems integrations, and many other aspects typically come into play and in many combinations of each for ITAD and Reverse Logistics solution providers.

Data Destruction

Data Destruction is a very broad term that encompasses a variety of key capabilities ranging from erasure to shredding to degaussing, and several other forms of perceived ‘destruction’. Companies who are focused in this particular segment are in high demand from pretty much every participant in the IT supply chain, but to varying degrees based on each one. Circular Integrity can help advise and coach companies in this segment on both direct and channel sales models to grow your business domestically or globally.

IT Equipment Leasing Companies

It is estimated in the USA alone that nearly 10% of Corporate end-users lease their IT hardware. Circular Integrity provides key solutions and strategies for both the financial institutions leasing the hardware, as well as for the consumers of the leases. Key factors for both parties typically include quality, cost/value recovery, and velocity. We can help both achieve meaningful improvements on each one of these components and design better programs with sustainable benefits.

Private Equity

In our 20+ years of experience in the ITAD and Reverse Logistics space, we’ve seen countless PE and large corporates make investments and acquisitions, with very few ever materializing as desired. Entrants to this segment tend to fall in love with the environmental components alongside the high margin opportunity presented, but rarely understand the pitfalls and risk factors involved when trying to scale in this sector. At Circular Integrity, we’ve seen just about all of it, and we can help PE firms in valuation efforts, recommendations, due diligence, as well as exits.

Management Consulting Firms

The ITAD and Reverse Logistics industry is a fairly niche one in our opinion, and finding reputable resources who’ve lived and breathed in the segment aren’t readily available, until now. Our experience building ITAD and Reverse Logistics organizations from the ground up can prove to be a powerful resource for Management Consulting Firms to ensure results are delivered to the client from true experts in the industry with current and modern knowledge of the landscape. This is what we do for a living, and we’ve been doing it better and longer than most!

Mobile Operators

Within the world of mobile products, the landscape is littered with players from all over the world trying to gain market-share in an incredibly commoditized and fairly cut throat industry. With only a few key OEM’s globally and most markets in most developed countries similarly only supporting a few large mobile operators, competition is fierce! Over the last 20 years we’ve seen various new entrants come and go, typically larger and well funded larger players stand the test of time. As a result of this, we feel there is tremendous opportunity and value that is untapped for most operators and carriers, and we’re here to help!