A New Tool for Data Destruction

At the ITAD Summit earlier this year, we came across a unique tool that’s set to revolutionize data destruction for certain mobile devices.
The Databot, from Early Upgrade, is a tabletop system designed to simplify data destruction for smartphones and tablets without the need to open the devices. The concept is straightforward – after an operator places the device into system, The Databot automatically identifies the make and model and drills into the device-specific location of the memory chip, destroying the data.
The most interesting part? It takes just about 10 seconds per asset, drastically reducing the time it takes for data destruction compared to the current 7.5 minutes it takes for traditional manual methods, helping ITAD providers reduce operational expenses and redirect labor to more profitable endeavors.
From a data security standpoint, The Databot eliminates the risk of data loss for both the end-user and ITAD provider when mobile devices are sent to the downstream recycling provider. Phones which will not power on, or are locked, prevent a software erasure mechanism from being used to erase data. The Databot physically drills and destroys the data storage components of phones, tablets, and laptops with embedded storage media – removing the need to power on the device to destroy the data.
In addition, The Databot has a new release coming soon in a smaller version to perform onsite data destruction on mobile phones. This will enable ITAD providers or recyclers to provide onsite data destruction with a Certificate of Destruction, ensuring clients can be confident no data is present while in transit – the most vulnerable part of the equation in chain of custody when dealing with data-bearing assets.
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